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Why Choose Us?

Specmed Medical imports and distributes quality medical equipment and surgical instruments for the Southern African health sector.

medical consumables and equipment

Specmed offers a wide range of medical equipment & supplies.

20 years experience

Established medical supplier with a track record of more than 20 years as a reliable medical supplier to industry leaders in healthcare.

BEE compliant

BEE compliant.

Quality: CE & ISO accredited

Importer & distributor: international medical expertise at your fingertips.

After-sales support: training, repairs, spare parts, commissioning

Integrated service solutions that ensure continued client satisfaction:
- pre-sales: helping to identify the right product for you.
- quality products: CE accredited and adherence to ISO standards.
- continued support: training, repairs, spare parts, and commissioning.

National & Southern African supplier

Service delivery both nationally and to the Southern African region.


Affordable medical and surgical equipment.

18-month warranty

18-month warranty on all medical equipment.

Knowledgeable staff

Prompt service from knowledgeable staff.

Some of Our Valued Partners

We value the long-term partnerships developed with industry leaders in Southern Africa’s healthcare sector.

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