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Why Choose Us?

Specmed Medical imports and distributes quality medical equipment and surgical instruments.

Specmed offers a wide range of medical equipment & supplies.

30 years experience

Established medical supplier with a track record of more than 30 years as a reliable medical supplier to industry leaders in healthcare.

B-BBEE compliant

B-BBEE compliant.

Quality: CE & ISO accredited

Importer & distributor: international medical expertise at your fingertips.

After-sales support: training, repairs, spare parts, commissioning

Integrated service solutions that ensure continued client satisfaction:
- pre-sales: helping to identify the right product for you.
- quality products: CE accredited and adherence to ISO standards.
- continued support: training, repairs, spare parts, and commissioning.

National & Southern African supplier

Service delivery both nationally and to the Southern African region.


Affordable medical and surgical equipment.

Knowledgeable staff

Prompt service from knowledgeable staff.

Some of Our Valued Partners

We value the long-term partnerships developed with industry leaders in Southern Africa’s healthcare sector.